3 Master Knights

I come from a family that instilled in me from a very early age the values and biblical knowledge; they have accompanied me throughout my life as part of my training and character, but upon arriving at the university, those concepts, which until then had only been one of many teachings, began to stand out above the rest, because what they preached with a veil of antiquity and history, it took new names in the mouths of my professors, and their echo resounded in my ears as a first stop, and then they stayed in my head where they remained restless for a long time, growing day by day to take me to write this book.

Terms such as Reengineering, Resistance to Change, Vision, Achievement to Achievement, Strategic Planning among others, were the most discussed topics in the classrooms regarding my career in Business Administration; nevertheless, my prior formation in biblical lands (the similarity, to call it somehow), could not pass unnoticed to me as one who suddenly finds themselves humming a song, whose lyrics are a perfect narration of their life, although sung by a stranger.

In the same way, the 3 biblical passages that I refer to in my book and that in turn represent my 3 Master Knights were texts that shook my way of thinking and seeing the world, as nothing else had done it until that point.

Being of the age of 30 years, I had not found emotional stability and much less economic independence. I had immersed myself in a deep depression that prevented me from looking in the mirror without feeling ashamed or going to sleep at night without crying. Failure in those days was the best description of my self.

The first text that struck my life was that of Job 3: 25. A text of only 2 lines that slapped me with the harsh reality: I was responsible for my misfortunes and sorrows because of fear. Surely, you have read or heard about what the thought (positive or negative) can work on a person but, it is very different when you have to live it in the flesh; and that was exact, what happened to me, although not in the best way.

However, I am convinced now that there is no learning without failure because in the success you do not learn you only enjoy it since its essence is ephemeral and hardly replicated.

But failure leaves marks that are not easy to erase and its lessons will remain in our memories and, if we give ourselves the opportunity, we can turn them into something positive, which without a doubt is a tremendous gain that, among other things, is enduring. Otherwise, living in success and let it become a terrible and thunderous failure so, it will become a heavy shadow on us that will fill us with bitterness and sorrow wherever we go.

Read. Meditate. Decide. Take action. In this lesson, only you have the last word. Be content with what you do or change how you think. Repeat example of your parents or change your own story. No matter what it is, it will be your responsibility and that of no one else.

I welcome you...

Job 3: 25

Jeremiah 31: 21

Luke 5: 36 - 39