Cyberbullying, another way of social discrimination

Some time ago in the school world, Bullying attacks were mostly aimed at making a mockery and destructive criticism of the physical or external characteristics of a person (student or teacher), but I must say that in my personal experience and being in the Immigrant's civil status, I understood that Bullying It goes beyond a joke or an immature boys harassment, Cyberbullying is a way of social discrimination.

Bullying pre-internet

Until now my understanding of the term bullying was associated with child or adolescent victims because the reports on the internet and the media echoed this increasingly notorious evil in society. Without looking up a dictionary or exploring on Google, I understood that the meaning of the word was directly related to the harassment, mockery, and humiliation inflicted on a person.

It's not that Bullying is new. It is also not the latest fashion of school bullocks to torment those who provoke them. Simply, today and because of the almost omniscient and inescapable presence of Social Networks, Cyberbullying has become more visible because now it has found in the internet new ways to be spread.

Without the cybernetic "help" of the methods of Acceptance and Repost of comments in the Social Networks, when the bully wanted to upset someone, they had to wait for their victim in flesh in the educational institution where they coexisted to carry out their misdeeds; or failing that, if this did not satisfy them, then they persecuted the victim to their home or place of work, to continue with the ritual of physical and psychological torture.

But nowadays, bullying has, in fact, become quite simple and with as little force as possible. If there is something to be acknowledged from the old school of bullying, it is that the bullies had a face and distinguishable voices among the crowd. Not that this is a positive aspect (not at all it is), however, with the arrival and insertion of Social Networks in the daily life of human beings, anyone can be a Bully and we can all be victims of Cyberbullying without exception.

Actuality and Scope of Cyberbullying

In 2016, the Mutua Madrileña and ANAR (Aids to Children and Adolescents) Foundations in Spain published the results of a study on the scope of Bullying from the point of view of those affected. This study, the first of its kind, yielded revealing results regarding this form of cyberbullying:

• 92% of the victims end up suffering some type of psychological sequel.
• 1 of 4 reported cases of Bullying originated in mobile or cell phones and social networks.
• 86% of the victims of Bullying were attacked through WhatsApp groups.
• 36.2% of the victims were harassed through Social Networks.

The same year but in Argentina, the NGO Argentina Cibersegura offered the results of a survey conducted to about 600 schools throughout the country, from which it was known that 64% of them had suffered specifically from Cyberbullying.

Although these figures are only the tip of the iceberg, it is even more scandalous and terrifying to learn about the disastrous consequences on the victims:

• Loss of self-esteem,
• Demoralization,
• Anxiety,
• Panic attacks,
• Stress,
• Isolation,
• Depression and the worst of all,
• Suicide.

The outrageous of this Cyberbullying is how it operates:

1) Individuals with bad intentions and lacking social values and human principles create a poisonous note (verbal aggression, threats, and publication of compromising images)

2) Individuals with lack of personality and twisted minds approve, share and republish the poisoned note, (they viralize the content)

3) Result: Many victims. Responsible: Zero.

When Cyber Bullying points to a nationality

Between 2017 and 2018 in Mexico, a study was carried out by the NGO International Bullying Without Borders for Latin America and Spain, in which it was reported that the rate of Bullying cases was increasing, specifically 7 of each 10 children were victims of harassment in the Aztec country. Interesting in this study was also the following:

• 82% of children with physical disability are bullied at school.
• 9 out of 10 homosexual students are harassed because of their sexual orientation.

Will there be any study in the future that will determine how many are being harassed by their nationality?

What is clear in the foreground is that people who show a visible difference in their social environment, such as clothing, physicality, sexuality, faith, nationality, to name a few, are the favorite targets of cyberbullies.

The definition that the World Health Organization makes of Bullying highlights among its lines that this aggressive phenomenon is suffered by children and adolescents of school age, however, is it possible that adults are also victims of this scourge?

Sadly, I read daily on Social Networks as my nationality is attacked without any type of restraint. We went from being the fashionable subject and the curiosity of the moment, to become the plague that must be eliminated, the epidemic that must be contained.

Expressions like "Inglorious Venezuelans ...", "why are not returned to their country of shit?" ".... Did they rob you? Sure they were Venezuelans ... "," In their country, things happen because they deserve it ... "," All Venezuelans are criminals ... "," they have to be deported or killed "," ... they should not allow them to enter ... "," they are stealing the opportunities to the locals ... "," ... that's why I hate all those Venezuelans ... ", they abound and abound in Social Networks and there are hundreds who give their approval with a LIKE.

Currently, the Cyberbullying is the favorite channel to discriminate against immigrants because of their nationality. To attack their country, to make fun of their culture, to trample their patriotic pain and humiliate their idiosyncrasies.

Many enter the forums to comment because they read that others wrote something about it and fascinated by being part of the majority, add to the collective hysteria of shooting virtually against people they do not know. They criticize them, accuse them and in the process condemn them, simply because they come from a different country.

I read the phrase of someone who unfortunately shares my nationality, affirming in Social Networks that all those who have immigrated to Europe are worthwhile citizens, while those of us who migrate to South American countries are the scum of society. How can you come to think this way and out loud?, Citizens of the First World or Citizens of Elite?, Seriously?

Final reflection

1) The country where we are born does not define our human quality. The good or the evil of the human being are born in their own heart. We choose who we want to be. We are the result of our own decisions.

2) Most of those who attack immigrants in Social Networks censor and condemn the acts of help they receive, alleging that they take away that help from the local needy, but those who criticize and condemn have already done something to help their neighbor? Have they already held out their hand to the one they saw in need in the street?

3) It is easy to hide behind a computer or a phone to vomit all kinds of criticism about people we do not know and who can not even see us. It's so easy to do that that's why cowards feel comfortable in that environment. Why, instead of criticizing the social assistance given to an immigrant minority within a country, do not join the wills to propose a solution to local social problems and that existed before the arrival of immigrants?

4) There are foreign citizens who have committed crimes? Of course. Do not all foreign citizens have good manners? Totally true. There are Foreign citizens have broken their word and disappointed those who trusted them? It is also true. But what is equally true, is that not because a foreign citizen has committed a crime, all people who bear the same nationality have the same delinquent nature. Nor can you put all the immigrants in the same dish of dishonor due to the fact that only one has been missing.

5) Did not exist in the countries of origin crimes, deceptions, swindles, hunger and corruption before the arrival of immigrants? Or did the immigrants cause the country's moral debacle and lead it to bankruptcy?

6) If death does not discriminate when it takes with it people of value, innocent children, strong young people, promising athletes, genuine dreamers, exemplary parents, and adorable grandparents. Why do we humans find the space to build walls that separate us from each other?


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Then, when moving to a country in which seasonal changes are experienced, my body was the first affected because I did not know about the existence of Prevalent or Seasonal Diseases and I discovered it from my own experience. In this regard, the following article is a basic information guide for Caribbean people like me who walk on seasonal soil, but also for all those who wish to take care of their health and prefer to be warned before the occurrence of any of these diseases before suffering them.

I hope that the information contained there will be useful and you can share it with someone you know who can, just like me, be in need of it.

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